Policies & Procedures

The following is a list of policies and procedures for Mercer County Head Start. Click the title (in blue) to open the full print-friendly document. The list can be sorted alphabetically or by content area.


Document File (Print Friendly PDF)Content AreaPurposeLast Modified
Performance EvaluationsAdministrationPerformance reviews will be conducted with each staff member.01/27/2011
New Employee OrientationAdministrationNew staff orientation will be provided for staff, regular volunteers, and contracted consultants.01/27/2011
Complaint ProcedureAdministrationCelina City Schools and Head Start will provide an annual report to share information about the program with the public as well as funders.01/27/2011
Permanant Files Child and FamilyAdministrationUpon admission a permanent file will be prepared for all children. 01/27/2011
Personnel FilesAdministrationAll personnel files will be stored in a locking file cabinet located in the main office. 01/27/2011
VolunteerAdministrationParents, community members, and practicum students will have the opportunity to volunteer in various aspects of the Head Start Program under the direct supervision of Head Start staff.01/27/2011
Staff Physical (and Regular Volunteer ) AdministrationEach employee and regular volunteer are to be free of communicable disease (specifically including Tuberculosis) and do not pose any significant risk to the health or safety of others in that cannot be eliminated or reduced by resonable accomodation. 01/27/2011
Staff Training RequirementsAdministrationAll staff will be required to acquire and maintain the following (but not limited to) trainings or knowledge as developed for the agency.01/27/2011
Complaint ProcedureAdministrationPersons having a concern or complaint regarding programming are encouraged to speak directly with the responsible staff member, or contact an immediate supervisor. 01/27/2011
Fiscal Officer CodeAdministrationAll staff, volunteers, members of the governing board of Celina City Schools Head Start are required at time of hire or placement to understand and abide by the codes of conduct 01/27/2011
Community AssessmentAdministrationEvery three years a Community Needs Assessment will be conducted to collect data about community strengths, needs, and resources. 01/27/2011
Agency CommunicationAdministrationAccurate information is provided to parents, policy groups, staff and the general community in a timely manner.01/27/2011
Self AssessmentAdministrationA Self-Assessment review of Head Start program will take place annually. A schedule of agency assessment tools will be acquired and analyzed per Self-Assessment Timeline.02/23/2012
Home Visits and PTCsEducation & DisabilitiesTeachers will conduct a minimum of two home visits and two parent teacher conferences each year to provide families with information, support and guidance about their child and his/her education.01/27/2011
IndividualizationEducation & DisabilitiesThe teaching staff set the learning environment up to recognize and reflect individual rates of development as well as individual interests, temperaments and learning styles of children.01/27/2011
Developmental Screening & ReferralEducation & DisabilitiesTeaching Staff will screen all children within the first 45 days of attendance. 05/24/2011
Child Assessment ProcessEducation & DisabilitiesStaff will use a variety of developmentally appropriate early childhood education strategies to assess children’s educational progress based on observations and on-going assessment of each child.01/27/2011
Child AttendanceEducation & DisabilitiesTracking Child Attendance10/25/2012
Mental Health ObservationsEducation & DisabilitiesClassroom Mental Health observations (MHO) are scheduled once per school year by a mental health consultant (MHC) who completes a checklist and evaluation of the environment and interactions between staff and staff and children.01/27/2011
Lesson PlansEducation & DisabilitiesTeachers are responsible for developing the lesson plan in advance that documents the activities planned according to the interests, strengths, and developmental needs of the children. 05/24/2011
Dual Language LearnersEducation & DisabilitiesStaff will assist families with children who speak a language other than English in the home and are Dual Language Learners (DLL) in understanding the program to the greatest ability possible, including but not limited to familiarity with ethnic backgrounds and heritages and providing the opportunity to serve and effectively communicate with the family.05/24/2011
Assessment AdministrationEducation & DisabilitiesThe Creative Curriculum Assessment tool is administered three times annually01/27/2011
Devereux Early Childhood AssessmentEducation & DisabilitiesThe teachers solicit social, emotional and behavioral information from parents as they complete a DECA for their child prior to the child’s first day.01/27/2011
Developmental ScreeningsEducation & DisabilitiesStaff will conduct the appropriate Brigance Screen according to the child’s age.01/27/2011
Plants in the ClassroomEducation & DisabilitiesPoisonous plants will not be allowable or will be made inaccessible in areas deemed as part of the child's educational environment and safety measures will ensure that children are not exposed to poisonous plants on trips away from the Head Start classroom or playground01/26/2012
TransitionEducation & DisabilitiesStaff will support successful transitions for enrolled children and families from previous child development programs or homes into Head Start and from Head Start into elementary schools or child care settings by coordinating the transfer of records with schools, other agencies, and parents.01/27/2011
ASQ-SEEducation & DisibilitiesASQ-SE09/29/2011
Enrollment ExceptionFamily ServicesChildren will be enrolled according to Age, Family Income eligibility, Foster, TANF, SSI, or Homeless, with vacancies filled from the criteria based waiting list.01/27/2011
Family Advocate Home VisitFamily ServicesFamily Advocates will complete at least one home visit with each family, to be offered in the home, unless otherwise requested by the parent/guardian or for safety reasons.05/24/2011
Family Partnership AgreementFamily ServicesThe agency will engage in a process of collaborative partnership building with parents to establish family goals, strengths, supports, and referral needs in the family’s home language, language of choice or through interpretation.05/24/2011
Child Abuse ReportingFamily ServicesChild Abuse Reporting09/29/2011
AttendanceFamily Services Families enrolled in Head Start are expected to ensure that their children maintain consistent attendance.01/27/2011
Community ResourcesFamily ServicesThe Agency will work collaboratively with parents to identify and access services and resources that are responsive to each family’s interests and goals.04/28/2011
EnrollmentFamily ServicesChildren will be enrolled according to Age, Family Income eligibility, Foster, TANF, SSI, or Homeless, with vacancies filled from the criteria based waiting list.01/27/2011
Dental HomeHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyIn collaboration with the parents and within 90 calendar days of child’s entry in the program the Agency will determine whether each child has an ongoing source of continuous and accessible dental care.05/24/2011
Height and Weight ScreeningHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyEach child will be weighed and measured within 1st 45 days after enrollment and periodically to assess and track their individual growth and development.05/24/2011
Vision ScreeningHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyAll enrolled children will receive a vision screening within the first 45 days of entry into the program. 01/27/2011
Individual Health SummaryHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyThe Agency will provide parents with information and results of health and developmental screenings administered through the program or by contract or agreement with an outside entity.04/28/2011
Nutrition Plan of ActionHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyProgram will request that parents inform them of any diagnosed nutrition or food allergy needs of the child that the program may be required to address during child’s attendance in Program. 05/24/2011
Medical Plan of ActionHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyProgram will request that parents inform them of any health or safety needs of the child that the program may be required to address during child’s attendance in Program. Health and Nutrition Coordinator (HNC) will develop with parents a Medical Plan of Action addressing child’s needs and will share this information as necessary with appropriate staff to ensure a plan for meeting child’s needs and accommodations needed in accordance with Program’s confidentiality policy.05/24/2011
Safety on PlaygroundHealth, Nutrition and SafetyOutdoor Playground Facilities are routinely inspected by custodial staff and prior to each use by classroom staff and kept free of undesirable and hazardous materials and conditions01/26/2012
Pedestrian SafetyHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyEducation regarding safe transportation to and from the agency, whether by bus, self transport, or walking will be presented to children in a developmentally appropriate way, and to parents with concepts that mirror the children’s curriculum04/28/2011
ToothbrushingHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyEach classroom will have daily supervised tooth brushing in conjunction with meals, that models and teaches good dental hygiene and prevents cross-contamination between children, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. 04/28/2011
Medical EmergencyHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyResponse to major and minor medical emergencies are outlined to ensure timely and efficient response to the needs and safety of our participants and staff.01/27/2011
Drills - FireHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyOne Emergency Evacuation Drill shall be conducted during the first ten days of the new school year (Ohio Fire Code 408.3.2). 01/27/2011
First Aid KitsHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyReadily available, well-supplied first aid kits appropriate for the ages served and the program size will be maintained in each classroom and kitchen area. 01/27/2011
Food Items Brought From HomeHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyFoods and other supplies needed for special occasions and educational activities will be provided by the Agency so that every child has the same opportunities and resources to work with. 01/27/2011
Dental Exam RequirementsHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyMercer County Head Start/Celina Public Preschool will obtain a completed dental exam by a dentist at enrollment or within 60 days of enrollment. 01/27/2011
Communicable Disease and Short Term ExclusionHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyA child with a short-term injury or an acute or short-term contagious illness will be excluded from the class for a temporary period when keeping the child in care poses a significant risk to the health and safety of the child or anyone in contact with the child. 01/27/2011
Child RestraintsHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyChildren will be transported using height and weight appropriate child restraint systems01/27/2011
Classroom SafetyHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyProcedures will be reviewed and implemented by all employees to ensure the safety of children.01/27/2011
Hand WashingHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyStaff and volunteers in the classrooms will teach and model appropriate hand washing practices in order to lower the risks of spreading communicable illnesses.01/27/2011
Head Lice NitsHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyParents of a child with a documented case of live lice and/or nits will be notified and the child sent home. 01/27/2011
Medical AdministrationHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyWritten procedures regarding the administration, handing, documentation and storage of medications that has been prescribed by a Physician or Nurse Practitioner for enrolled children as well as staff and volunteers have been established and are maintained as documented below. It is our policy to cooperate with the parent/guardian and his/her physician by administering medication as ordered during the school day. A safe, locked place for medication storage will be provided. The health of children, families and staff is safeguarded by the proper storage and administration of medication.01/27/2011
Physical ExamHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyA complete physical from a physician will be obtained within 30 days from the date of entry into the Program. Classroom services will be suspended beginning the 31st day of enrollment until physical exam is completed per Ohio Department of Education Licensing Regulations. Determination of existing and ongoing source of continuous, accessible health care will be made as soon as possible not to exceed 90 days from the date of entry into the program. Those children requiring follow-up medical care will be referred within 90 days of identification or Agency becoming aware of need.01/27/2011
Drills - TornadoHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyTornado drills will be conducted at least once a month while school is in session during the tornado season (April and May). 01/27/2011
Medical HomeHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyIn collaboration with the parents and within 90 calendar days of child’s entry in the program the Agency will determine whether each child has an ongoing source of continuous and accessible health care. Agency will assist those children and their families that do not have an existing source of continuous and accessible health care in accessing a source of health care.05/24/2011
Meal ServiceHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyNutritional services in center-based settings will contribute to the development and socialization of enrolled children through family style meal times. The program will provide meals and snacks of quality and quantity to supplement food served at home to make certain the required daily allowance by the U.S.D.A. is met. Our sponsor is ODE’s Child and Adult Care Food Program.01/27/2011
ImmunizationHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyAll enrolled participants are required to meet the minimum standards for immunizations in accordance with The Center for Disease Control and Ohio Department of Health’s Immunization Schedule, or has a signed medical/religious exemption on file.01/27/2011
Drills - LockdownHealth, Nutrition, and SafetyLock Down drills will occur at a minimum annually.01/27/2011